Henna Art and Mehndi Art - Sleeves and Feet

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Henna is a great choice to celebrate joyous occasions, such as birthdays or even pregnancies. Most notably henna art is used as decoration for brides to be, giving blessing to those who where it.

Our "Henna Art and Mehndi Art - Sleeves and Feet" service is for full body henna, integrating a cohesive design to cover your hands, arms, lower legs and feet.

Types of Henna used:

  • Natural Henna
    • We Use a natural fine ground henna paste as it offers a great colour with minimal risk of allergic reaction.
  • Black Henna
    • Black henna can be used on request, but only if a client has tested themselves for any allergic reactions prior to booking.*

Price inclusive of travel**

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*Note: All allergy information should be provided before booking, clients take the responsibility to provide allergy information to Saj Neha LTD. before booking. If you are unsure about allergies or your reaction to henna please consult a dermatologist before booking.

**The price quoted is for Henna/Mehndi art in Manchester, Please contact us for any bookings outside of the Greater Manchester area. Check our FAQ page for an idea of travel charges.

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