Makeup Artist Tips: Questions To Ask When Hiring A Makeup Artist

The all-important questions to ask when hiring a makeup artist

Choosing a makeup artist is an important decision, whether it’s for your dream wedding day or another special occasion or event. Don’t just settle for a quick google search in your local area, do your research to find someone who will really suits your personality, taste and style, and also check out their credentials. Find a makeup artist who truly wants to get to know you, but equally get to know your artist too. For some people, wedding make-up is one-off but if you’re looking for a long-term makeup artist, it’s important that you find something you click with.

With this in mind, we’ve thought about some of the important questions you should ask when you hire a new makeup artist. Here are our top 10:


  1. What type of makeup do you specialise in?


This is an important starting point. Although professional makeup artists can turn their hand (and their brushes) to most requirements, it’s likely that they will have a specialism and this will help you choose the right person for you. Make sure that the makeup artist you choose is perfectly in sync with your requirements and an expert in the kind of makeup you need.


  1. What colours and look do you think would work well for me?


You’re paying for an expert so don’t be afraid to ask for their professional advice. Makeup artists will have worked with a wide variety of face shapes, skin tones, colours and features so they will be able to give you solid advice about the kind of colour scheme and look that will work best for you. Share with them the colour scheme of your outfit and that of other important people in your party (for example bridesmaids) so that they can create a cohesive look that works for everyone if this is relevant.

  1. Do you have a portfolio and references?


Once you’ve established that a makeup artist has the right skills for your needs, you need to check out their credentials. You’ll be able to see examples of a makeup artist’s work on their website and on social media, particularly Instagram, but it’s also a good idea to ask for references. This will give important insights that go beyond a portfolio about the artist’s personal qualities such as attitude, punctuality and reliability. Try and get a real feel for the artist - you’ll spend a lot of time with them so the chemistry has to be just right.

  1. What brands do you work with?


The brands that an artist works with can often speak volumes about their work and personality so look into the products that they use. It will help to give you an indication of how they will fit in with your requirements. Remember that whatever you decide, an experienced makeup artist will be able to match the most appropriate brand, colours and style to the individual.

If you want to make sure that any products used are natural, paraben-free or cruelty-free these are also important things to establish.

We use a wide selection of premium cosmetic brands including Chanel, Huda Beauty, Illamasqua, Mac, Nars, NYX and Urban Decay to ensure a high-quality finish.

  1. Are you happy to use my products?

If you want to use your own products, either because of allergies, sensitive skin or personal preference, find out if this is an option as soon as possible. There’s no point going any further with a makeup artist if they can’t do this however most makeup artists are flexible around this. Using your own products will give you confidence about colour choice and suitability however remember that makeup artists are experts in their field so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new, if you’re having a trial, there’s nothing to lose.

  1. 6. Will you do a trial before the event?


For your wedding day or any other special occasions you may wish to have a trial first to make sure you have exactly the right colour scheme and look for the day. A trial is important in so many ways. It will help to establish how long your makeup is going to take, it will give you the opportunity to experiment and ask questions so you have exactly what you want and will also highlight any issues such as allergies in plenty of time. This is a great time to experiment with colours that you don’t normally use. Many people are surprised when they try something different – it can be a real revelation and shape the future of your appearance. This is the ‘dress rehearsal’ and it contributes to making sure that everything on the day of your event is perfect.

  1. When and where will I have my makeup done?

Make sure you sort out all the logistics as early as possible. If you’re planning wedding make up and coordinating with bridesmaids and the mother of the bride as well as your own arrangements, you don’t need any additional stress! We know this isn’t the most glamorous and exciting part, but it’s important to sort out when you’ll have your makeup done and where it will be. Many makeup artists like Saj are flexible and happy to do mobile makeup so you can have the trial done at home.

On the day of the wedding or event establish where you’ll have your makeup done as well as that of anyone else. Coordinating this as soon as possible is one more thing you can tick off your list.

  1. How long will it take?

Find out how long it will take to have your makeup done, especially if you are building in travelling time or time for others to have their makeup done too, such as bridesmaids or friends. There is no right or wrong amount of time, some makeup artists take approximately an hour, others take less time that this. It’s an important question if time is of the essence and you’re also coordinating with hair stylists. Remember many makeup artists will also do hair styling as well and using the same person for both has many advantages.

  1. How long will my makeup last?


One of the many reasons to use a professional makeup artist is longevity – using a skilled makeup artist should ensure that your makeup lasts throughout the event. Weddings are particularly long days and you want to be confident that your makeup will still look as stunning when you’re dancing the night away as it did when you walked down the aisle. Weddings and christening can be emotional days so make sure you’re not in danger of any mascara mishaps!

  1. How much will it cost and what is included in the price?

Of course one of the most important questions is about cost, especially if you are working to a budget.

Find out how much it will be for your own makeup, any trials that are needed and also for any additional people such as bridesmaids.

Check if trials are an additional cost or if they are included in the price and also establish how and when you need to pay.

If you are having a large wedding or event other people in your party may want to use the services of the makeup artist as well but draw a line here and hand over the co-ordination. Then all you can need to do is simply sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

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At Saj Neha we passionately believe in building long-lasting relationships with clients and we can’t do this unless we really listen to our clients’ needs. We totally believe that each client is unique and we want to use our experience and skill to bring each woman’s identity, beauty and spirit to life.

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