Makeup with Hijab: On-Trend Makeup and Stylish Hijab Looks

We're sharing our hot tips on how to rock your hijab what ever the occasion, we're looking at makeup style that perfectly compliments your hijab!

Whether it is dressed up or dressed down, your scarf is incredibly versatile and flexible that it’s easy to create a really striking look for your wedding day or any other special occasion. 

Creating a flawless finish

Your makeup should enhance the look you’ve gone for. Choose shades that perfectly compliment the overall style and colours that you’ve opted for.

A minimal and neutral look requires softer makeup whereas as a bright, bold and colourful outfit needs to be reflected in the choice of makeup.

Tip: If you’re preparing for your wedding day don’t forget that it doesn’t just start with the first makeup consultation or trial, it starts with the all-important skin preparation. As soon as the countdown to the big day is on it’s time to start preparing your skin to be the ultimate base for your makeup.


Eyes are usually the standout makeup feature so talk to your makeup artist about the right shades for your outfit.

Tip: Dark, smoky eyes can look really effective for a special or formal occasion, especially with the addition of a gold or silver metallic sheen. Bold colours can also work well if they perfectly match the colour of the hijab for example red and gold or blue and gold. If you’re going for neutral shades of white, cream, grey or beige, pair down the eye makeup and go for soft shades with perhaps a hint of silver or gold.



Lips can look really effective when they match the colour of hijab for example in bright pink or red or when they pick out an accent colour like the auburn lipstick used here.

Tip: If the eyes are the standout feature of your makeup, tone down the lips or vice versa. Keep cheekbones light and glowing for the perfect finish to your makeup.


Looks we love

We’ve browsed social media and chosen 10 looks we love to give you lots of inspiration. Whether it’s a colour match that works perfectly or a fashion trend to watch out for, we hope these give you lots of ideas!


We chose this look because of the exquisite and bejewelled detail.

This is a really striking look both in terms of the outfit and the makeup. The shimmering eyes with red tones work beautifully with the claret and gold outfit, brought to life even more by the smouldering lips.


Just as it is in the world of interiors, grey is on-trend in the world of fashion. This grey hijab against the elegant blue jacket is the perfect finish to this sleek and sophisticated look. This makeup is the perfect balance of smoky and warm without being too overly dramatic and works really well the against the grey and blue. It’s serenely beautiful.


In Asian culture red symbolises new beginnings, which has also been adopted for Asian bridal wear as well as Islamic and Hindu weddings. Red and gold are a match made in heaven and so often paired together for very passionate, opulent and beautiful look. The shimmering and smouldering eyes look striking with the bright red lips for a really stunning overall effect.


White and gold is another classic and elegant pairing that works beautifully for weddings. The deep shade of purple lipstick really stands out beautiful against the shimmering gold eye makeup.


This is a perfect example of where matching the lipstick to the hijab and outfit works really well. The beautiful bright pink lipstick really helps to enhance the overall effect of the outfit and the heavy use of eyeliner, mascara and thick, dark eyebrows, which are so common in Asian and Indian makeup, really help to make the eyes stand out.



Both of these show how neutral, paired back makeup works really well with white. A classical white wedding dress with hijab, a small and simple bouquet of flowers and elegant makeup using soft and subtle shades is the perfect way to finish this look.


This is such a beautiful and striking look that works so well. It feels almost antique due to the detail on the hijab and beautiful blends of auburn and brown on the face look effortlessly glamorous and chic.


Get your glow on with this glamorous look. Jumpsuits are really fashionable at the moment and in this shimmering gold paired with a silky, neutral headscarf it’s a fantastic look for a night out. I particularly love the standout purple handbag to complete the look.


Last but not least, a really pared-back look for everyday wear with jeans and casual clothes. This look highlights that hijab looks just as good dressed down as dressed up, but it always brings an elegant finishing touch that is sleek and effective. The makeup here is simple and subtle and this is a really lovely look for a casual day.

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